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Hollow Quartz Pillar

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These top-quality Hollow Quartz Pillars from Banger Supply add extra quartz surface area in your banger for maximum efficiency extraction. Available in multiples sizes use these hollow quartz pillars on their own or in combination with other dabbing inserts for a personalized experience. Available in 20mm, 25mm, and 35mm lengths and 4mm, 5mm and 6mm diameter.

One unique feature of the hollow banger is the ability to place your concentrate inside the hollow pillar and then drop the pillar into your hot banger. This results in a slower start, but as your material heats evenly we find it provides extremely efficient dabbing.

Why Use Banger Inserts (Pearls, Pillars, etc.)?

  • Surface Area: Inserts in your banger provide additional surface area for optimal extraction. Additionally, the agitation caused by inserts ensures you get maximum concentrate to banger contact during your dab.
  • Heat Retention: The addition of quartz in your banger increases the total heating calories available meaning a longer time at optimal temperatures.

Experience the Ultimate Concentrate Control With Quartz Pillars

At Ritual Colorado, we are excited to offer a game-changer in the dabbing world: the 6mm hollow quartz pillar. This revolutionary quartz pillar is designed to elevate your concentrate experience to new heights. Its unique design allows for unprecedented control over your dabbing sessions, ensuring that every hit is just as you desire.

The quartz pillar is an experience enhancer. It's crafted from high-quality quartz, ensuring durability and longevity. The hollow design of the quartz pillar plays a crucial role in temperature regulation, providing consistent heat for vaporizing your concentrates.

How Do You Properly Use a 6mm Hollow Quartz Pillar for Dabbing?

There are two ways to use a 6mm hollow quartz pillar for dabbing. The first option is to place it inside of your quartz banger with a carb cap and heat them at the same time. After you drop in your concentration, the heated pillar will ensure maximum heat transfer. Alternatively, you can heat the banger on its own, then drop the pillar with your concentrate in together. Remember to clean your quartz pillar after each use to maintain its performance and longevity.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Hollow Quartz Pillar in Dabbing?

  • Unparalleled Temperature Control: The hollow design of the quartz pillar allows for temperature regulation, ensuring your concentrates vaporize perfectly every time.
  • Enhanced Flavor: Experience the true essence of your concentrates. The quartz material preserves the flavor, offering a pure and unadulterated taste of your marijuana.
  • Efficient Concentrate Usage: With the quartz pillar, you'll notice that your concentrates go further. Its design aids in the efficient vaporization of concentrates, reducing waste.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Keeping your quartz pillar clean is a breeze. Its structure allows for easy access to all areas, ensuring thorough cleaning and maintenance.
  • Customizable Dabbing Experience: The hollow quartz pillar offers customization in your dabbing sessions. Use a carb cap dab tool, adjust the temperature to your preference, or make any other adjustments and enjoy dabbing exactly how you like it.

How Do You Properly Install & Use the 6mm Hollow Quartz Pillar?

Installing your 6mm hollow quartz pillar is a simple process. Begin by ensuring your dab rig is clean and compatible with the quartz pillar. Gently place the quartz pillar into your banger, making sure it has room on the side to move around during your hit. Once installed, you’re ready to start dabbing.

To use the quartz pillar, heat it evenly until it reaches the desired temperature. Apply your concentrate directly to the hot surface of the pillar. Inhale and experience the enhanced vaporizing capabilities. Pair it with a carb cap for even better control and efficiency.

Find the Best Quartz Pillar at Ritual Colorado

Discover the best quartz pillars in the market at Ritual Colorado. Our 6mm hollow quartz pillars are designed with your dabbing needs in mind. From unmatched precision to enhanced flavor, our quartz pillars redefine the dabbing experience.

Don't wait to transform your dabbing sessions. Visit us today and explore our selection of quartz pillars and other essential dabbing tools. While you’re here, take a look at our variety of bongs and bubblers for an even more diverse range of smoking experiences. At Ritual Colorado, we are committed to providing you with quality, efficiency, and innovation in all our products. Check out our selection today!

Devices sold at Ritual are designed and intended to be used with legal dry herbal blends. Products sold at Ritual are not designed or sold for use with tobacco, nicotine products, or as a tobacco substitute. Devices will not function with e-liquids, nicotine replacement products, or aromatherapy oils and use of a liquid in devices sold at Ritual will damage the device rendering it unusable.

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