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Dialing-In Your QaromaShop Device

As you get ready for the most fun part of any new device, testing, you suddenly feel woefully unprepared and intimidated by the cords and wires in front of you. Not to fear! This guide is intended to help get you comfortably situated with your ball vaporizer of choice. We cover finding your Optimal Temperature Settings, Cleaning & Maintenance and lots of fun Tips & Tricks.

The Insane Taroma 360!

With the introduction of the 360 Series the game has changed! How? To start the extra-long coil and new bowl designs means that your herbal material sits in the middle of the heater vs. below it. This means you're getting heat from 360 degrees during your hit leading to previously unseen efficiency of extraction from a ball vaporizer.

The Ball Vape Revolution

There was a time when the only concern I had for flavor was when I'd open up a bag for the first time and take a good long whiff...before setting the stuff ablaze, flavor be damned. The Qaroma has spoiled me and turned me into a cannabis corksniffer. There's nothing quite like savoring a new strain with what feels like a magnifying glass spotlighting every nuance of taste and highlighting different terpene flavors at different temperatures. 
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