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Dab Quartz, ERigs, Enails & More

While we love thermal extraction, sometimes you just need that concentrated hit. Offering the latest in analog and digital dabbing technologies, we have something for you no matter your preferred ritual.

Dabbing Blog Posts

May 11, 2024

Cold vs. Hot Start Dabs: What's the Difference

In the world of concentrates, two main methods of dabbing stand out: "cold start dabs" and "hot start dabs". These methods offer different benefits to enjoying concentrates, and understanding the basics can help you make a more informed decision and choose the best method that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Sep 30, 2023

From Shatter to Rosin: Decoding the Terminology of Cannabis Concentrates

What exactly are concentrates, and what are they made of? Cannabis plants are covered in microscopic, mushroom-shaped...

Dabbing Quartz FAQs

How do you take a dab with a banger?

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The basic process for taking a dab in a banger (also called a nail) involves heating up the banger, generally with a butane dab torch. When your quartz reaches your preferred temperature you use a dab tool to place your concentrates inside the banger where they will vaporize. Carb caps placed on top of the banger ensure none of the vapor is wasted. Quartz bangers should generally be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol while warm (but not hot) to keep their appearance pristine.

Why are there so many banger styles?

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The dab world is relatively new in the timeline of cannabis consumption and as such we are experiencing rapid development and innovation. Different style bangers have different properties in terms of what inserts they can accomodate, how much air flows through the banger (and where), how long they retain heat, and many other factors. While terp slurpers have become a very popular standard, fun designs like Banger Supply's Turbine shows you can accomplish more with less.

What glass connection size is best for dabbing?

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Like everything when it comes to dabs there is no unanimous best, just lots of great options and individual preferences. We tend to carry our affordable bangers in 14mm as it is the most common connection size and maximizes the chances a customer can use their current gear. For mid and top-tier products we go with a 10mm connection as we like how it slightly restricts airflow to maximize vaporization given the awesome heat retention of high-quality quartz. We also carry a host of reducers and glass adapters in case you're looking at a banger that is a different connection size from your current rig.

Digital Dabbing FAQs

What is an ERig?

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An ERig is an all-in-one device that combines the banger / nail, heat source, and air path which typically includes water filtration. Some common examples include the Puffco Peak Pro and the Ispire Daab. These devices provide maximum convenience explaining why so many dabbers have adopted them as their on-the-go consumption method.

What is an ENail?

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An ENail is a digital device that uses a heater coil for perfect temperature dabs, every time! Temperatures are set on a PID controller and the coil wraps around your banger for even heating. These are technologically very similar to ball vaporizers, but attach to a dabbing banger as opposed to a housing for dry herb.

What is a hot knife?

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Hot knifes are dab tools that include a battery and typically ceramic tip for easy management of any texture concentrates. For most looser textures you can pick up your dab while the tool is cool and then heat it while holding over your banger for a perfect dab. Alternatively, heating before handling your dabs can be helpful if you're dealing with shatter or other hard and crumbly consistencies.

Embarking on your dabbing journey begins with the right tools. From the essential dab torches to the innovative e-rigs, our curated selection is tailored to enhance your experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of dabbing, finding everything you need in one place makes the process seamless and enjoyable.

Our commitment to quality and variety is evident in our inventory. With products ranging from high-efficiency devices to stylish accessories, dabbing becomes not just an activity but an experience. The precision and control offered by our products ensure that every dabbing session is optimized for flavor and potency.

This is the Dab Rite PRO IR Thermometer available at Ritual. Featuring a full color screen, 4 programmable profiles, and light and sound alerts this ensures the perfect dab session, every time!

We Carry the Best Dab Accessories

Ritual Colorado is synonymous with quality and innovation in the realm of dab accessories. Our selection provides our customers with the best tools in the market. From the heat precision of our dab torches to the convenience and style of our portable devices, each accessory is designed to elevate your dabbing sessions. We understand that the right tools can transform your experience, and we are here to deliver that transformation.

Our range includes the latest in vaping technology, ensuring efficiency, temperature control, and flavor preservation. Whether you are seeking the ease of an E-nail dab rig or the portability of a compact device, our collection caters to all preferences. Our accessories are extensions of your dabbing style and preferences. At Ritual Colorado, we ensure you have access to the best.

How Do You Choose the Best Erig?

Selecting the best erig involves considering several factors to match your lifestyle and preferences. The first aspect to consider is portability. If you’re always on the go, look for an erig that is compact and easy to carry. Next, consider the temperature control features, as they are crucial for achieving the perfect hit and preserving the flavor of your concentrates.

Battery life is another key consideration. Longer battery life means more convenience, especially when traveling. Furthermore, the overall design and build quality are important for durability and aesthetics. In the realm of erigs, functionality meets style, and at Ritual Colorado, we provide options that satisfy both.

Ritual Colorado Has the Best Dab Accessories in Denver

Ritual Colorado is proud to provide the best dab accessories on the market in Denver. Our commitment to innovation, style, and quality is unmatched, and our extensive collection reflects this. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting, our accessories are designed to enrich your sessions, providing control, efficiency, and an unparalleled experience.

Visit us at our smoke shop in Lakewood, CO or explore our offerings online. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to guide you through our products, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your dabbing journey. Don't just dab; elevate your sessions with the best accessories in Denver. Choose Ritual Colorado for an experience that transcends the ordinary, where every tool is a step towards the ultimate dabbing adventure. Take a closer look at our options, and reach out to us today!

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