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Electronic Dab Rigs, Enail Kits, & Other Digital Dabbing Devices

Modern digital devices designed for efficient and convenient concentrate consumption. Precise temperature control means you get the perfect hit every time.

Digital Dabbing FAQs

What is an ERig?

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An ERig is an all-in-one device that combines the banger / nail, heat source, and air path which typically includes water filtration. Some common examples include the Puffco Peak Pro and the Ispire Daab. These devices provide maximum convenience explaining why so many dabbers have adopted them as their on-the-go consumption method.

This is the daab electronic dabbing device by Ispire available at Ritual. Pictured fully assembled from the side.

What is an ENail?

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An ENail is a digital device that uses a heater coil for perfect temperature dabs, every time! Temperatures are set on a PID controller and the coil wraps around your banger for even heating. These are technologically very similar to ball vaporizers, but attach to a dabbing banger as opposed to a housing for dry herb.

This is the complete MiniNail Kit with a black controller and quartz banger available at Ritual.

What is a hot knife?

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Hot knifes are dab tools that include a battery and typically ceramic tip for easy management of any texture concentrates. For most looser textures you can pick up your dab while the tool is cool and then heat it while holding over your banger for a perfect dab. Alternatively, heating before handling your dabs can be helpful if you're dealing with shatter or other hard and crumbly consistencies.

This is the Twist Hot Knife Kit by Ooze, available at Ritual Colorado. Featuring a ceramic tip, you can easily and cleanly drop your concentrate into your banger for easy and clean dabbing. Temperatures can be controlled through the twist knob on the bottom of the knife and it includes a cover so you can easily pack up and go without any mess.
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