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Modern digital devices designed for efficient and convenient concentrate consumption. Precise temperature control means you get the perfect hit every time.

Digital Dabbing FAQs

What is an ERig?

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An ERig is an all-in-one device that combines the banger / nail, heat source, and air path which typically includes water filtration. Some common examples include the Puffco Peak Pro and the Ispire Daab. These devices provide maximum convenience explaining why so many dabbers have adopted them as their on-the-go consumption method.

This is the daab electronic dabbing device by Ispire available at Ritual. Pictured fully assembled from the side.

What is an ENail?

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An ENail is a digital device that uses a heater coil for perfect temperature dabs, every time! Temperatures are set on a PID controller and the coil wraps around your banger for even heating. These are technologically very similar to ball vaporizers, but attach to a dabbing banger as opposed to a housing for dry herb.

This is the complete MiniNail Kit with a black controller and quartz banger available at Ritual.

What is a hot knife?

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Hot knifes are dab tools that include a battery and typically ceramic tip for easy management of any texture concentrates. For most looser textures you can pick up your dab while the tool is cool and then heat it while holding over your banger for a perfect dab. Alternatively, heating before handling your dabs can be helpful if you're dealing with shatter or other hard and crumbly consistencies.

This is the Twist Hot Knife Kit by Ooze, available at Ritual Colorado. Featuring a ceramic tip, you can easily and cleanly drop your concentrate into your banger for easy and clean dabbing. Temperatures can be controlled through the twist knob on the bottom of the knife and it includes a cover so you can easily pack up and go without any mess.

At Ritual Colorado, our collection of digital dab devices is designed to revolutionize your concentrate experience. We offer an array of state-of-the-art digital dab heaters and nectar collectors, each tailored to provide precision and convenience. 

Our digital dab devices are crafted to cater to diverse preferences and styles. From sleek, portable options to more robust, stationary setups, we have something for every lifestyle. The integration of digital technology in our dab heaters allows for accurate temperature control, ensuring optimal performance. Explore our range, and you'll find that our digital dab devices are not just tools but companions in your journey to the perfect dabbing experience.

This is the Premium Travel Dab Tool Set from Ritual Glass available at Ritual. It features five stainless steel dab tools and a silicone container for concentrate. Each tool features two unique shaped ends for ease of use with all consistencies of concentrates. Take your portable dab station to the next level with this premium kit.

How Does a Dab Heater Work?

Understanding how a dab heater works is key to maximizing its potential. At its core, a dab heater is designed to heat your concentrates to the precise temperature necessary for vaporization. This is achieved through a heating element, often a coil, that warms the concentrate without the need for an open flame. The result is a clean, controlled dabbing experience using a coil that preserves the flavor and potency of your concentrates.

Our digital dab heaters take this a step further by offering temperature control with digital precision. You can tailor the heating to your specific taste and concentrate type, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience every time. The electric nature of these devices makes them both convenient and safe, removing the unpredictability that comes with traditional torch-based methods. Our range of heaters, equipped with cutting-edge technology, makes dabbing a more sophisticated and enjoyable pursuit.

Why Choose a Dab Nail Heater Over Traditional Torches?

Choosing a dab nail heater over traditional torches offers several advantages. First, the precision temperature control provided by an electric heater ensures that you get the most out of your concentrates. Unlike torches, which can easily overheat and degrade your product, torchless electric nail heaters provide a consistent temperature for optimal vaporization.

Safety is another significant benefit of choosing an electric dab nail heater. The torchless operation reduces the risk of burns and fire hazards, making it a safer choice for indoor use. Furthermore, electric heaters are generally more portable and convenient than their torch counterparts, making them ideal for dab enthusiasts on the go. The combination of safety, convenience, and precision makes electric nail heaters an excellent choice for modern dabbing.

Safety Comes First When Using a Dab Heater

At Ritual Colorado, we prioritize your safety above all else when it comes to using dab heaters. Our electric dab heaters are designed with built-in safety features to prevent overheating and potential hazards. We recommend always using your heater on a stable, heat-resistant surface and keeping it away from flammable materials.

Proper maintenance is also crucial for safe operation. Regularly cleaning your heater and its components, such as the carb cap, ensures that it functions optimally and safely. It's also essential to handle your dab tools with care, especially when they're hot. By following these simple safety guidelines, you can enjoy your dabbing experience with peace of mind.

This is the Inspo+ Concentrate Vaporizer from Randy's available at Ritual Colorado. Coming in three beautiful colors (white, blue and purple) this dual-use concentrate vaporizer has an included sand quartz atomizer for direct vaporization of your dabs. Alternatively, unscrew the atomizer and use the 510 thread for compatibility with your favorite cartridge.

Explore Our Dab Heater and Dab Rig Options Today

Discover the perfect dabbing setup at Ritual Colorado. Our selection of dab heaters, including our dab nectar collector, is second to none, offering both quality and innovation through our choices.

Don't just settle for any dabbing experience. Instead, choose the best. Visit our website today to explore our collection and find the perfect dab heaters or e-nail dab rigs to suit your needs. Take a closer look at our options today, and take your experience to new heights!

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