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Bundle Deals

Whether you're grabbing your first device or upgrading our bundle deals help you get a complete setup at a discount! We've got bundles available for ball vapes, portable vapes, dabs, and more. Each bundle was curated by the Ritual Colorado team and represents our favorite ways to pair up products.

Bundle Deals by Category

This is the Taroma 3.0 GO Kit & The Elephant Cage bundle available at Ritual Colorado. It features an impressive ball vaporizer with a paired glass water piece for reliable performance. Check out all the bundled discounts combining ball vaporizers, portable vaporizers, dabbing gear and bongs at Ritual Colorado today.

Ball Vape Bundles

A curation of our favorite ball vape & glass pairings. Check out all Ball Vape Bundles HERE

Portable Vape Bundles

A curation of our favorite portable vape, glass and accessory pairings. Check out all Portable Vape Bundles HERE

This is the Fully Fused Terp Slurper + The Coliseum dab bundle available at Ritual Colorado. It pairs an awesome dab rig with an efficiently designed terp slurper for powerful dabs and great cooling. Check out all the discounted bundles available at Ritual Colorado.

Dab Bundles

A curation of our favorite bangers, rigs, and dab setups. Check out all Dab Bundles HERE

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