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Benefits of Smoke-Free Products

Benefits of Smoke-Free Products

There's no secret about the issues associated with smoking (i.e. combusting) plant materials for pleasure. Burning plant material along with their container has the effect of drawing in unwanted particles along with the desired ingredients. It also comes with drawbacks that include loss of active compounds and an odor that clings to you and your clothes. Dry herb vaporizers change all of this in an instant as well as improve your consumption experience. Read on to learn more about how smokeless products like a torchless dab rig heater improve your vaping experience.

A Better Smoking Experience

Dry herb vaporization uses a process known as thermal extraction to release the active components in the plant material without burning. At no time is a flame used to combust the herb. Instead, hot air is passed over the herb to get it to release its active compounds into a vapor that can then be inhaled. The user gets a better smoking experience with more of the active compound released from the herb, and reduced health risks.

Less Harmful to the Lungs

A Canadian study found that vaporizing herbs has a lower health risk than burning them. There is always a health risk associated with inhaling vapors into the lungs, but dry herb vaporizers eliminate the need to use a paper or tobacco container for the herb. Both paper and tobacco have known health risks that include the inhalation of particulate matter through combustion. Over time, the particulate matter and the smoke that's inhaled can damage the lungs, throat, and mouth, potentially resulting in injury and disease to these structures.

In contrast, dry vaporizing herbs has none of the issues that are associated with the inhalation of burned paper and tobacco. Switching from combusting herbs to dry vaporizing enables users to enjoy their recreational activities with much lower risk.

Almost No Odor

Odor is another aspect of burning herb and the materials used for their consumption. Tobacco and marijuana are both known for their ability to create an odor that clings to the skin, hair, and clothes, signaling the user's habits to everyone around them. In contrast, dry vaping almost eliminates the creation of odor from the use of herbs. The user can keep their activities discreet and not worry about offending people with an unpleasant scent.


The cost of a dry herb vaporizer in Denver has an initial up-front cost that is quickly recovered through its use. The dry vaporizer requires less in the way of herb to deliver the same results. You can buy your usual amount of herb, dry vape it, and have it last for much longer than you would if you were to use combustion. Over time, you spend less money on your herb, get the same effects with less, and experience the enjoyment you're seeking.

Reduces Waste

Smoking cigarettes creates waste in the form of a cigarette butt, and rolling papers aren't as environmentally friendly as you might think. Both products require processing with toxic materials, and they don't break down quickly when they're in landfills. Smokeless rigs reduce the need for the raw materials used in the creation of cigarettes, rolling papers, and tobacco containers.

Another way the smokeless vaporizer reduces waste is the fact you use a lot less in the way of smoking material. It doesn't burn your herb, and the exhausted plant material can be safely put into a compost bin when you're done.

At Ritual Colorado, We Know Dry Vaping

Come see us at Ritual Colorado online or in person at our store in Edgewater, CO. We carry a wide selection of dry vaping rigs, accessories, and the elements you need to upgrade your vaping experience. We also carry the latest and greatest in dry vaping technology including ball vapes, so you can get the best out of your favorite strain.

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