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Device Loading - "The Straw Method"

Efficient extraction requires consistent airflow through your ground herbal material. One of our favorite ways to ensure this in devices where the bowl is connected to the stem (breathing tube) is to load with "the straw method". This refers to lightly breathing through the stem while the bowl is inserted into your grinder in order to inhale your herb material into the bowl. As you're inhaling it helps to gently move the tube around your grinder to make sure you're filling up the bowl. Gently tapping will ensure the bowl isn't overflowing without packing down the material.

We find this method particularly effective for loading the following devices;

Unfortunately this method doesn't work for standalone bowl loading such as with the Vapman or Elev8r torch vehicle.  For the best load in these bowl we prefer to use a scoop and lightly pile our material up without packing. The straw method also isn't helpful for devices with an enclosed bowl such as the Storz & Bickel Mighty+ and Crafty+. In these situations we recommend the dosing capsules which make on-the-go reloading an ease and reduce device cleaning needs.

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