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Dab Pens vs Traditional Rigs

Dab Pens vs Traditional Rigs

Whether you’re looking for a classic rig or a digital pen, or you have no clue what the differences are, Ritual Colorado has you covered. Dab pens and traditional rigs are used to consume wax, shatter, or oil, but vary significantly in design, performance, and utility. 

To guide your search for the next-best dab investment, take a few moments to explore this helpful breakdown and find the best options for your home or travel dabbing needs.

Dab Pens: The Best Option for Discretion & Dabbing Anywhere

Feel free to take a rip wherever you go with the power of a portable dab pen. All models feature three key elements: 

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Heating element or coil
  • Chamber to hold the cannabis concentrate

As the name suggests, dab pens are compact and come in creative styles that look cool and perform surprisingly well for their relatively small stature. Unlike tabletop dab rigs in Denver that require a stable surface for dabbing, our lightweight pen models open up the possibilities for dabbers in search of pure hits without the physical constraints of larger systems. 

A dab pen comes in handy if you prefer to keep your dabbing sessions on the down low. Even if you have a premier tabletop rig at home, a dab pen is a far superior option for weekend trips, extended travels, and casual puffs when on-the-go discretion is desired.

Depending on your dabbing preferences, you’ll also discover that many of the best dabs pens have features including extended battery life, automated temperature control, and spacious chambers/adaptive cartridge ports to accommodate any concentrate you prefer. 

The newest dab pens have caught up with the quality, dependability, and copious cloud capabilities of the finest tabletop rigs. Other dab pen pros and cons include: 


  • Minimal setup required
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Battery dependent
  • Limited temperature range¬†
  • Lacks a built-in filtration element
  • Requires frequent cleaning

Traditional Rigs Offer Greater Customization, Performance & Filtration Quality

Even with the latest advancements in dabbing portability, traditional rigs remain a staple in the dabbing community for good reason. So, how does a traditional rig differ from a digital dab pen? 

Traditional rigs utilize a torch or electric dab heater to heat a nail (or banger/bowl) that is attached to a chambered rig. After heating the nail, the concentrate is added to the hot nail, vaporizes, and filters through the rig while inhaling. 

Dab rigs come in a limitless variety of shapes and sizes with an equally limitless variety of customizable accessories. The diversity of product styles also equals an infinite variety of dabbing styles for unparalleled customization. Creative rig designs make it possible to customize the intensity of your hits, the amount of filtration, the depth of flavor, and so much more. Whether you prefer the classic torch and banger setup, or you’re after convenience and heating consistency with an e-nail or digital rig, consider your dabbing wishes answered with any of our top-tier rigs at Ritual-CO. 

Still unsure if a traditional rig or portable dab pen is best for your puffing preferences? Here are some more pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a traditional rig. 


  • Higher temperature ranges allow for potent hit customization¬†
  • Improved airflow and filtration enhance the flavor and purity of each hit
  • Rigs come with endless customization options
  • Quality rigs last for decades and require minimal maintenance


  • Setup is more complicated
  • Skill is required; achieving consistent temps with a torch and timing dabs correctly takes practice
  • Traditional rigs are bulkier and less discreet
  • Tabletop setups generally cost more; the base rig, necessary tools, and custom accessories should all be factored into your dabbing budget

For side-by-side product comparisons and expert recommendations, reach out to our dabbing aficionados at Ritual-CO to learn more about our top rigs and pens, and optimize your dabbing setup for less.

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