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Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024

Dry herb vaporization technology moves fast, in fact we started Ritual Colorado because we felt that Denver wasn’t keeping up with the awesome developments. To help you keep up with the latest, here is our favorite portable dry herb vaporizers of 2024! We’ve split the list (just like our inventory) between portable and desktop devices to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Check out the 2024 desktop list here. Let us know what you’re currently enjoying and as always if you ever have any questions. Happy vaping!

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024:

 Vaporizer Category Price
Venty Best Overall Vaporizer
XMAX V3 PRO Best Intro Vaporizer - Battery $110
Arizer Air MAX Best Flavor Vaporizer $190
Crafty+ Best Everyday Vaporizer $280
Dynavap The "B" Best Intro Vaporizer - Torch $50
Vapman Classic Set Best Artisan Vaporizer $180
Dynavap WoodWynd Best Butane Vaporizer $150


Venty Vaporizer

  • Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
  • Category: Best Overall Vaporizer
  • Price: $450
  • Charger Type: USB-C

The latest offering from dry herb powerhouses Storz & Bickel, the Venty represents one of the greatest portable vaporizer options. Upgrades from the still popular Mighty+ include a 20-second heat up time and adjustable airflow which can be opened up significantly for a powerful draw. Additionally we find the updated shape (which is more narrow but a little thicker and taller) to be easy to hold.

Featuring a new supercharger functionality which provides 80% battery charge in 40 minutes as well as Bluetooth and a WebApp functionality for a modern vaporization experience. But most importantly, and our ultimate criteria for selection, the thing just rips. We're big fans of the upgraded heater and opened airflow offering a high quality hit from a portable device. We're really enjoying our Ventys and that's why we chose is as our best overall vaporizer in the portable category for 2024.

The primary downsides of the Venty are the price point and size. While it is larger than other portable options on the list, we don't find it to be a burden. For us it really comes down to if you're able to stomach the price point, because from a performance standpoint we love how easy to use the Venty is while providing powerful hits.

Venty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel | Ritual Colorado



  • Manufacturer: XMAX
  • Category: Best Intro Vaporizer - Battery
  • Price: $110
  • Charger Type: USB-C

We’ve been spending a lot of time with our V3 PROs this year and have found them to be a super reliable option available at a competitive price point. While lacking some of the refinement of a Storz & Bickel device, what you get for $110 is really quite impressive. A magnetic mouthpiece that's easy to open and close, a screen displaying set temperatures and battery life, and most importantly a discreet and pocketable package that is easy to travel with.

I personally have been using mine primarily for higher risk activities where it has held up great! Always a companion in my backpack for skiing, biking and hiking the XMAX V3 PRO is a great all-around device that offers clean vapor and easy functionality, even for brand new users. Like all our battery-powered portable dry herb vaporizers we like to pair it up with dosing caps which make it easy to reload on-the-go and keep the oven clean for longer.

The primary downsides of the V3 PRO are the lack of refinement (i.e. 5 clicks needed to power on) and a slight compromise in vapor flavor compared to the offerings from Storz & Bickel and Arizer. However, by upgrading to a glass mouthpiece (as we do on pretty much all our devices) you can improve the flavor a bit. We think at $110 the V3 PRO represents one of the best entry points to a battery-powered dry herb vaporizer.

V3 PRO Vaporizer by XMAX | Ritual Colorado


Arizer Air MAX

  • Manufacturer: Arizer
  • Category: Best Flavor Vaporizer
  • Price: $190
  • Charger Type: USB-C

The Air MAX, like all Arizer portable devices, provides outstanding flavor and easy cleaning. The massive 26650 battery is easily removable and swappable, although it provides a substantial number of sessions on a single charge. It is worth noting that you have to travel with the stems held inside their included plastic tubes to keep everything safe, so you do have multiple pieces to keep track of. We do like the included rubber stoppers in the travel tube which allows you to pre-pack a bowl for easy on-the-go swapping.

Each Air MAX includes a glass aroma tube (stem), a 14mm water-pipe adapter aroma tube, and a glass aroma dish. This gives you tons of options for how to enjoy your device! We're big fans of the water pipe adapter for smooth water filtered hits. It's also fun to see the screen invert with the device when you flip it upside down, just another refined touch on an impressive dry herb vaporizer.

The primary downsides of the Air MAX include the necessity to travel with multiple separate pieces and the fact that the heater may be underpowered for high-tolerance users looking for big rips. The bowls on the end of the glass aroma tubes are also smaller than some of the other options here, although they're quite easy to clean and the included travel tubes let you carry a fully loaded bowl on the go.

 Air MAX Vaporizer by Arizer | Ritual Colorado



  • Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
  • Category: Best Everyday Vaporizer
  • Price: $280
  • Charger Type: USB-C

The younger sibling of the Storz & Bickel family, the Crafty+ offers the same performance you've come to expect. Available in a convenient palm-able size, the Crafty+ sacrifices the screen and a bit off battery life compared to the Mighty+. However, the bowl size is identical and the ceramic heater provides a refined experience and clean flavor. We think the Crafty+ is also a great option for new users looking for simplicity. It's a great device to give your mom because it's easy to use, easy to clean and will provide satisfying vapor without any learning curve.

As our everyday device, and this year's Best Everday Vaporizer, we love pairing our Crafty+ with dosing caps which help keep the oven clean for longer and make swapping bowls on the go super easy! We're also fans of popping a water pipe adapter on in place of the cooling unit for water filtered hits when at home.

The primary downsides of the Crafty+ are the limited battery life and lack of a screen. You are able to control the Crafty+ from the WebApp for precise temperature control, but from the button on the device you have more limited selection of five pre-set temperatures.

Crafty+ Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel | Ritual Colorado


Dynavap The "B"

  • Manufacturer: Dynavap
  • Category: Best Intro Vaporizer - Torch
  • Price: $50
  • Heat Source: Butane Torch, Induction Heater, Alcohol Lamp & More

The "B" from analog dry herb vaporization experts Dynavap is an awesome device pairing entry-level prices with top quality vapor production (after a brief learning curve). We're big fans of the $50 price point and like the tip so much we frequently find ourselves mixing and matching it with other stems. The stock silicone stem is availabe in a couple fun colors and offers reliable performance and impressive vapor cooling.

One of our favorite features of Dynavap devices is the ability to pair it with a wide number of different heat sources depending on where you are and what kind of session you want to have. We're big fans of digital induction heaters when indoors and in public for a discreet session with convenient heating. While on the go we typically defer to a torch just for the small size and easy portability. However, it's a lot of fun to mix up your heating style and we definitely take some torch-heated indoor bowls through water for a super-smooth and powerful hit.

The primary downsides of The "B", like all Dynavap devices, is that there is a learning curve required before you are able to fully customize a session just how you want. For many people this learning curve can be overcome in a handful of bowls, but it's definitely worth mentioning as no technique is required for the battery-powered portable options. However, on the other side of the learning curve is huge potential for session customization where you can get exactly the flavor and doneness of your herb every bowl. The silicone stem also doesn't have the refinement of their typical metal stems, but at the price point we think it's a great grab.

The "B" Portable Vaporizer by Dynavap | Ritual Colorado 


Vapman Classic Set

  • Manufacturer: Vapman
  • Category: Best Artisan Vaporizer
  • Price: $180
  • Heat Source: Butane Torch

The Vapman Classic combines premium taste, a beautiful aesthetic and ultimate pocketability. A consistent best-in-class performer for vaporizing traditional style hash, the Vapman is also an awesome micro-doser offering unbelievable performance from literal scraps of flower. The convenient hemp "egg" carrying case keeps your device protected while still fitting easily in a pocket or bag.

In addition to everything mentioned above, the Vapman really stands out in how it forces you to interact and be intentional with your sessions. The lack of a temperature click or indicator means you continually taste the vapor until it's right where you want it. We find this type of session to be quite relaxing and particularly enjoy when we can session a Vapman in the mountains or some other serene setting. It's not the quickest extractor by any means, but a Vapman offers a flavorful and refined experience for microdosers and those comfortable sessioning a couple bowls.

The primary downsides of the Vapman Classic Set (and really all Vapman devices) is their lack of temperature feedback. Unlike the 'click' you get when a Dynavap cap comes to temperature, the Vapman requires you to taste the vapor and tell if it needs more heat or is ready for a draw. This does require an intimate relationship with your device so we believe it really comes down to preferences, although is certainly not as convenient as many battery powered options.

Classic Set Vaporizer by Vapman | Ritual Colorado 


Dynavap WoodWynd

  • Manufacturer: Dyavap
  • Category: Best Butane Vaporizer
  • Price: $150
  • Heat Source: Butane Torch, Induction Heater, Alcohol Lamp & More

The latest titanium offering from Dynavap, the WoodWynd features beautiful style and awesome performance from the new Helix Tip. The hourglass shaped Padauk wood body is a sleek touch that makes this our favorite Dynavap device in years.

In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, we think this is a great titanium offering that we prefer to models like the Omni. The Helix tip definitely adds style, but also helps keep heat from transferring to the stem and offers incredible flavor. It fits comfortably in hand and delivers satisfying and cool vapor with each session.

The primary downsides of the WoodWynd, like all Dynavap devices, is that there is a learning curve required before you are able to fully customize a session just how you want. For many people this learning curve can be overcome in a handful of bowls, but it's definitely worth mentioning as no technique is required for the battery-powered portable options. However, on the other side of the learning curve is huge potential for session customization where you can get exactly the flavor and doneness of your herb every bowl.

WoodWynd Portable Vaporizer by Dynavap | Ritual Colorado

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