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Elevate Your Experience With Our Favorite Devices

Elevate Your Experience With Our Favorite Devices

A cleaner puff and elevated convenience are our passion at Ritual Colorado. Exclusively engineered for user-friendly simplicity and potent extraction consistency, these versatile models make the most of every session. 

How can a better setup add value to every puff? If your setup is heating poorly, airflow is limited, or the design provides suboptimal heat distribution, you may be wasting precious product with every use. Additionally, if you are hoping to minimize your exposure to harmful combustion byproducts, making the switch to smoke-free tech and/or improved glass filtration cleans up every toke. Why not get more out of every gram while protecting your health at the same time? 

For every herb and wax enthusiast in search of a superior setup, here are our top picks for optimized utility and exceptional build quality. 

Try Our Top Dry-Herb Vaping Product!

The Taroma 360 Go Kit checks every box on the new-and-improved vaping checklist. Unlike all other ball vapes that expose the product to heat from one direction, the Taroma 360’s innovative design heats the herb from all sides, providing an even roast and amplified potency with every extraction. 

For casual convection hits, adjust the system to a medium temp (410-440¬įF) and start hitting immediately for a breath of perfectly roasted goodness. For a deeper toke and single-hit bowl clear, you can heat soak the bowl for 10-20 seconds longer to access every molecule of your fresh herbals.¬†

Featuring an extra-long 20mm heater coil, it’s easy to reach and heat the bowl as the glass is passed around. This adaptable vape also supports adjustable bowl sizes and includes a basket screen for micro doses and new strain sampling with ease. Complete with a rugged protective case and your choice of coil handle/porcelain stand, this is the only dry-herb vape you need in your collection!  

Glass Artistry Meets Massive Volume & Rugged Protection

If you’ve been looking for a big, beautiful, and built-to-last piece of glass, The Elephant Cage is it. Boasting stand-out features like a huge globe for maximum cooling, a tiered matrix percolator for enhanced water filtration, and a rugged aluminum cage to protect your piece, The Elephant Cage remains at the top of our shop for good reason. 

As a standout choice for every glass enthusiast, this adaptable piece makes it easy to accommodate your ever-changing preferences. The built-in third connection can be used as a pass-through adapter for effortless clearing, or used in conjunction with a dynavape or your favorite dabbing quartz to take your experience to the next level.

Precise Thermal Extraction in the Palm of Your Hand

Looking for the perfect grab-and-go thermal extractor? The XMAX V3 PRO is a simple choice. A go-to for new users and experienced vapers alike, this compact and complete thermal extraction device is the perfect option for everyday use. 

Easy to clean, reload, and use, the XMAX V3 Pro belongs in your collection if you want: 

  • A device that‚Äôs always ready to use: Featuring USB charging and a long-lasting swappable 18650 3200 mAh battery, you can expect reliable thermal extraction every time you need a hit.¬†
  • A device that is stylish and discreet: Teal, silver, periwinkle, or black, this compact piece looks cool, is easy to stash, and promotes puffing privacy.
  • An affordable option that enhances extraction: With built-in temp control, noticeable haptic feedback, and single-button functionality, this device is small but mighty.¬†

The Best Rig For Every Dab

If you want to make the most of your wax, boost your setup with our Fully-Fused Slurper Kit from the geniuses at Spaceking. Designed to capture more with every hit, the high-end terp screw and pearls make it possible to dab at lower temps while ensuring predictably-consistent heat transfer with every torch. If you’re looking for the perfect base, use a multi-chambered 14mm setup like the Coliseum for smoother clears with every dab! 

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