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Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024

Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024

Dry herb vaporization technology moves fast, in fact we started Ritual Colorado because we felt that Denver wasn’t keeping up with the awesome developments. To help you keep up with the latest, here is our favorite desktop dry herb vaporizers of 2024! We’ve split the list (just like our inventory) between portable and desktop devices to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can check out the 2024 portable list here. Let us know what you’re currently enjoying and as always if you ever have any questions. Happy vaping!

Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024:

 Vaporizer Category Price
Taroma 360
Best Overall Vaporizer
$425 DIY / $485 GO
Taroma Lite Plus
Best Everyday Ball Vape
$320 DIY / $380 GO
Arizer XQ2
Best Economy Fan Vape
Qaroma XL
Best Tricked Out Ball Vape
$675 DIY / $735 GO
Volcano Hybrid
Best Workhorse Vaporizer
Super Surfer 2
Best Colorado Vaporizer
VapBong Best Artisan Vaporizer $650


Taroma 360

  • Manufacturer: QaromaShop
  • Category: Best Overall Vaporizer
  • Price: $425 DIY / $485 GO

The Taroma 360 is a revelation for big cloud chasers and has become the most-used device of the Ritual Colorado staff ever since it came out. With the incorporation of conduction heating it is a standout among ball vaporizers offering thick and delicious vapor without the need for a powerful inhale. It's the most powerful device we've ever used, but it doesn't feel any more intimidating than a standard ball vaporizer which is nice.

While we've been heat soaking titanium bowls for the added conduction for a while, the heat coming directly off the coil in-line with the flower on the 360 takes it to a whole new level. We find that Taroma 360 to be the best device available at finishing a bowl to whatever degree you want, all the way to dark colors I was previously only able to get out of my Dynavap. We also love how the screen adjusts up and down in the 360 bowls making it super easy to switch from a micro-dose to a multi-gram lung buster.

The primary downside of the Taroma 360 is that to get maximum performance it can take some dialing in. Finding the perfect temperature and heat soak time can be personal, although it's easy to get a quality hit just from putting the housing on the bowl and ripping. Otherwise, we believe the primary drawback of ball vaporizers currently are their wires and multiple pieces required, but for all the wiring you get continual power through your draw offering the most powerful dry herb vaporization hits on the market.

Taroma 360 Ball Vaporizer by QaromaShop | Ritual Colorado


Taroma Lite Plus

  • Manufacturer: QaromaShop
  • Category: Best Everyday Ball Vape
  • Price: $320 DIY / $380 GO

Our favorite for parties and group outings the Taroma Lite Plus brings powerful and efficient performance and even works great with double-decker hits. The Taroma Lite Plus features a pre-stretched 20mm heater coil which covers the extended gemstone chamber filled with ~300 3mm aroma ruby pearls. The thin titanium walls are super efficient at transferring heat into the housing, allowing you to operate at significantly lower temperatures than many other ball vapes. The efficiently heated air immediately hits your bowl when you start inhaling and can keep up with the biggest lungs.

We've been bringing our Ritual Colorado Taroma Lite Plus to events ever since we got it because we feel like it's one of the most intuitive ball vapes on the market. Our preferred operating temperature of 500f yields thick vapor, but is also the perfect temp to drop a dab through the top of the housing. We've actually had a couple people dab back-to-back off our TL+ at an event without any flower in the bowl. Pair it with a titanium bowl for a premium (and unbreakable) experience.

The primary drawbacks of the Taroma Lite Plus are the plugs and wires necessary for all wired ball vaporizers. While these can be a bit unwieldy, the constant heating of the housing during your hit means these are devices that can keep up with any tolerance and lung size. Additionally, the exposed coil is a potential burn hazard, however the handmade suet jade porcelain stands included in every kit safely keep your housing protected when not in use.

Taroma Lite Plus Ball Vaporizer by QaromaShop | Ritual Colorado 


Arizer XQ2

  • Manufacturer: Arizer
  • Category: Best Economy Fan Vape
  • Price: $240

While the powerful clouds provided by desktop dry herb vaporizers typically come with a steep price tag, the Arizer XQ2 offers a great entry point with impressive performance. The internal fan means you can inflate a balloon with vapor just like the Volcano while the glass mouthpiece and whip give you tons of options for how you session.

We really like the XQ2 and frequently recommend it to customers who are converting to dry herb vaporization, but not positive it's going to be their primary means of consumption in the future. At a friendlier price point than similar devices, the XQ2 can still provide a powerful herbal experience and can be loaded up with a fair amount of flower for new converts used to packing big bowls. The remote control also makes operation intuitive and easy to learn for beginners.

The primary drawbacks of the XQ2 relate to heater being a bit undersized to efficiently vaporize a large bowl. That said, for slower sessions and people not seeking the intense rips of a ball vaporizer the XQ2 can provide clean and tasty vapor in a very user-friendly package. There is also the possibility of heat-soaking the bowl with the fan off to pre-heat it and get thicker vapor from your first draw.


Qaroma XL

  • Manufacturer: QaromaShop
  • Category: Best Tricked Out Ball Vape
  • Price: $675 DIY / $735 GO

One of the coolest ball vape kits out there, the Qaroma XL utilizes a beautiful quartz housing for a metal-free airpath. Being an XL model, the housing is ridiculously big holding a 30mm heater coil and ~500 3mm aroma ruby pearls. This provides tons of power meaning you get the best of both worlds, ultimate flavor without any compromises in power. The Qaroma XL is one of the most unique ball vaporizers on the market and provides a really special experience.

My personal favorite way to use the Qaroma XL is as a diffuser over the multi-purpose adapter bowl. This provides XL heating power without needing to use the XL bowls for a more manageable daily session. However, with a full quartz diffuser and glass bowl the flavor is exceptional and probably the best we've found from a ball vaporizer.

The primary downsides of the Qaroma XL is that the housing is breakable. We do find them durable due to the high quality quartz construction, but it's always possible to break the housing if you accidentally bump it. Other than that the other primary negative is the price point, at $675 for the DIY Kit the Qaroma XL can be quite pricey. However, once you hold it in hand and see the ridiculous amount of rubies filling up the housing it becomes a lot more clear what you're investing in.

Qaroma XL Ball Vaporizer by QaromaShop | Ritual Colorado


Volcano Hybrid

  • Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
  • Category: Best Workhorse Vaporizer
  • Price: $700

The most known dry herb vaporizer and a strong competitor 20 years after it was initially introduced. The Volcano from Storz & Bickel features a distinct shape and built-in fan which allows you to fill a balloon with vapor for easy group sessions. The included flexible whip offers another session style with the same flavor and efficiency you've come to expect from S&B.

The primary downsides of the Volcano are the price point which is steep, but does come with long-term reliability. We have customers whose Volcanos are 15+ years old and still cranking out the vapor! Other than that, even with the adjustable temperatures we do feel there is a maximum extraction rate with the Volcano that is lower than some of the ball vaporizers on this list. That's not to say you can't get your ABV to the same shade, but typically with the Volcano it takes several cycles vs. one heat cycle and hit from a ball vape.

Volcano Dry Herb Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel | Ritual Colorado


Super Surfer 2

  • Manufacturer: Elev8
  • Category: Best Colorado Vaporizer
  • Price: $385

We had to show some love to a locally made device manufactured right down the road in Colorado Springs. The Super Surfer 2 is another fan vaporizer option offering impressive performance at a substantial discount to the Volcano. The hand-blown glass knobs and details are a beautiful additions that make each device unique. The adjustable temperature lets you really crank the heat and we find at the top end that the Super Surfer 2 is more powerful than both the Volcano and XQ2, although you generally make some compromises to flavor when you're running at higher temps.

The primary drawbacks of the Super Surfer 2 is the lack of instructions. They are quite generous to include lots of different pieces and parts with each kit, but definitely lacking in clear instructions on how everything goes together and what each piece is for. We're happy to help if you're ever confused, but felt that was necessary to call out given how beginner-friendly the XQ2 and Volcano both are.



  • Manufacturer: Jaxel's Art
  • Category: Best Artisan Vaporizer
  • Price: $650

The VapBong is a handmade masterpiece from Jaxel's Art. They feature some truly stunning glazes and finishes and each VapBong is an all-in-one piece of art offering a dry herb vaporizer and water piece in one stunning package.

As far as specialty and collector dry herb vaporizers go, we think this is one of the best out there! Not only is the body unique and stunning, but the performance is very impressive for a desktop device. It does take some time to fully pre-heat, but like our ball vaporizers, we leave our VapBong on all day when we're using it.

The primary drawbacks of the VapBong are the fact that the ceramic body is fragile and can be damaged if dropped. We also wish there was some sort of heat indicator because while the devices are super stylish, it's hard for guests and the un-initiated to tell when the device is at temperature (and they can burn themselves by touching the wrong ceramic ball). That said, this isn't nearly as much of an issue for personal consumption and with such a beautiful collector piece we think it's not uncommon for consumption to be private or limited to a small group.

 VapBong Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer by Jaxel's Art | Ritual Colorado


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