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Ritual Dictionary

We know that some of the terms and abbreviations used in the industry can be confusing. Hopefully this helps clear up anything that you don't understand. Still confused, reach out at any time and we would love to help you find your ritual.

  • ABV (or AVB): "Already been vaped" herbal material which is light to dark brown after you have finished using in your extraction device. Generally, you can tell that material is finished when it no longer produces visible vapor. This ABV can be cleaned by water filtering in a french press and then used in cooking as the ingredients are already activated by the extraction process.
  • ´╗┐Analog Extraction Device: ´╗┐This is a term we use to describe those extraction devices which the user controls the temperature directly through a flame / torch. Examples of these devices include the Elev8r, DynaVap (when used with a flame), and Vapman.
  • Dab / Dabbing: Refers to the process of directly vaporizing concentrated materials by placing the material on a heated surface (typically borosilicate). Traditionally, this is accomplished by heating a borosilicate "banger" with a butane torch. However, this manual approach makes gauging temperatures difficult, if dabbing with glass we recommend utilizing a timer for consistency in extraction temperatures. We also really like digital dabbing devices which make setting custom temperatures as easy as clicking a button.
  • ´╗┐Desktop Extraction Device: ´╗┐Refers to those dry herb extraction devices that are generally larger and more powerful in their heating capacity. Many times these devices feature a wall plug for power, although there are exceptions such as the Elev8r which utilizes a heavy butane torch for heating.
  • Perc / Percolator: ´╗┐Refers to the part of a water piece or dab rig that diffuses smoke. Percs come in a variety of different sizes and shapes which each produce unique types of bubbles and filtration. Some of the main types of percs on our glass include;
    • Circ Perc: Features a circular ring with slits around the outside for diffusing and cooling your vapor.
    • Diffused Downstem Perc: Features slits in the downstem which diffuse your vapor as it enters the main chamber of your water piece.
    • Honeycomb Perc: A round disc with many small holes that sits in the main tube of a water piece. Creates a large amount of small bubbles that quickly diffuse vapor for significant cooling.
    • Matrix Perc: Matrix percs are more complicated versions of a circ perc. Generally cylindrical in shape, matrix percs feature both horizontal and vertical slits in the glass for maximum diffusion and bubble generation.
    • Showerhead Perc: Easy to recognize as they look like showerheads, these percs push out your vapor through a series of slits from a main tube.
    • Swiss Perc: Unique devices that feature holes through the main chamber for maximum vapor diversion and cooling.
  • Portable Extraction Device: ´╗┐Refers to those dry herb extraction devices that are handheld / pocketable for easy portability. Many portable extraction devices include batteries to generate the necessary heat, but we also feature many impressive analog extraction devices which can be powered by a flame.
  • Ritual: We believe that rituals are deeply human and important. Whether you are looking to celebrate with friends or to relax and be mindful we believe we have products suited for everybody's preferences. Questions, please reach out and let us help you find your ritual.
  • ´╗┐Rolling Tray: ´╗┐While we don't do much rolling anymore since we switched to thermal extraction, we still love a well-designed tray with compartments for your grinder, accessories and extraction device.
  • ´╗┐Thermal Extraction: ´╗┐Refers to the process of passing heated air over ground herbal material in order to vaporize the active components without combusting the plant material.
  • ´╗┐Torch: ´╗┐We use torch to refer to both heavy and smaller butane torches utilized for both thermal extraction and dabbing.
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