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An Overview of Our Kits

An Overview of Our Kits

Perhaps you already have a functional piece of glass, but do you lack the ideal dab or vaping kit to get the most out of your sessions? You’re in luck – our smoke shop in Denver is home to an impressive selection of user-friendly kits and accessories to extract, indulge, and expel voluminous clouds with your preferences in mind. 

Not all setups and accessories are created equal. If you’re like us, finding gear that lives up to our personal preferences is key when designing a setup for success. Whether you’re after smoother dab rips, healthier vaping sessions, or a more capable daily driver, we are your one-stop-shop for accessories that bring out the best in every bowl. 

Dabbing Essentials Worth Your Consideration

Our revolutionary selection of dabbing upgrades opens up the possibilities for wax enjoyment and calibrated rips every time. 

If you love the traditional rig-and-torch setup, we highly recommend you invest in one of our quartz bangers if you haven’t already. Quartz bangers boast extremely high heat resistance, don’t tarnish and offer better taste vs. titanium varieties, and promote optimal heat transfer for top-tier vapor production and flavor. Available in a spectrum of air-flow-enhancing styles and durable build varieties, simply select a size that corresponds with your rig and prepare to create clouds like never before. 

For digital dabbing aficionados, our futuristic devices and accessories have revolutionized the utility and efficiency of concentrate consumption. 

Check out prime dabbing upgrades like:

  • A hot knife kit: Looking for the best way to manage messy concentrates and load your rig with ease? Use a hot knife instead of a traditional dab tool to transfer the perfect amount of wax every time. Our cutting-edge hot knives heat up quickly, make it easy to measure a precise amount of product, and minimize waste because every drop of wax drips safely into the eagerly awaiting quartz banger below. 

  • An e-torch: Light up your session with an e-torch like The Wand for rapid heating and all-around dab safety. With easily customizable settings and a shielded heating element, the Wand effortlessly pairs with a traditional glass rig or your Dynavap for torch-free puffs at the touch of a button. 

  • A digital rig or portable device: If you’ve been searching for an all-in-one setup that takes the guesswork out of dabbing, look no further than our digitized selection. For convenience and discretion, check out stellar travel kits like the Inspo+ and Proxy Kit. For bigger rips and impressive all-in-one value, compare the innovative specifications of digital rigs like Peak Pro, Carta 2, and DAAB. 

Choice Vaping Kit Upgrades for Fresher Puffs 

If you prefer the smooth and soothing benefits that come with a healthier vaping experience, our head shop in Lakewood, CO also features the finest selection of tabletop ball vapes, discreet travel vapes, and optimized vaping accessories that promote cleaner clouds with every inhale. 

At the top of our must-try, dry-herb upgrade kits, grab one of our innovative ball vaporizer kits from QaromaShop like the Taroma 360 Go Kit. Engineered for flawless heat distribution and compatible with a range of devices, the user-friendly vapes from QaromaShop have quickly become our go-to daily drivers. 

Other top-tier vaping upgrades and accessories to incorporate into your routine include: 

  • The Carbed Catcher sits between your bowl and water piece to capture any loose product and keep your piece in pristine condition. 


  • An Elephant Cage if you’ve been searching for the perfect water piece to optimize your vaping sessions. This artistic glass beast features a huge globe for ample cloud cooling and massive rips that will rearrange your senses.


  • A grinder to prepare the perfect bowl every time. Fine-tune the grind with any of our built-to-last options at Ritual Colorado. 

Have questions about any of the professional dab, dry herb, and glass upgrades you find? Our herbal experts at Ritual Colorado are here to help. 

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