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An Overview of Our DIY Kits

An Overview of Our DIY Kits

If you crave ease of customization and have been wishing for a dry-herb setup that aligns with your lifestyle, our revolutionary lineup at Ritual CO is here to accommodate. Our DIY ball vape kits address all necessary components of your dream vaping setup. If you love sampling various strains and are on the hunt for unadulterated flavor, our user-friendly DIY kits make it easy to tailor the quantity and quality of every smoke-free cloud.

With innovative product improvements like 360-degree heat transfer, user-friendly PID controls, and multi-bowl compatibility, our versatile desktop upgrades extract more with every session. To compare extraction benefits, usage features, device customization, and other notable product highlights, browse our favorite DIY ball vape kits below!

The Taroma 360 DIY Kit: The Best in Desktop Vaping

Our favorite all-in-one kit for every vaper in search of greater control and powerful sessions. Featuring a dependable titanium housing, an impressively long custom heating coil, and out-of-the-box simplicity, this is a must-have upgrade for every herbalist in search of a dependable vaping setup. 

With the 360 series, the material is surrounded by the heater for greater extraction consistency. Why does this matter? The combined convection/conduction heating process provides optimal energy transfer and improved airflow. Unlike other vapes that burn half of the material and leave the rest partially roasted, 360 series housings power every session with predictable heat distribution for smoother flavors and less product waste. 

Extract Like a Pro With the Staroma XL DIY Kit

For every cloud enthusiast after the biggest and boldest hits, QaromaShop’s XL series is the desktop upgrade for you. Featuring a gargantuan 30mm heating coil, the Staroma XL’s massive titanium housing is supported by an insane 650 rubies that extracts every molecule. 

Why go with an XL system like the Staroma XL? These systems are perfect for all-day dry-herb tasting, massive bowl clears, and are the perfect daily drivers if you’d rather spend less time filling the bowl and more time producing copious clouds. 

Much like our titanium DIY kits, the ultra-rugged stainless steel housing of the Staroma is designed to last for years of heavy-duty use. This is also a great option if you have a history of breaking pieces and want a simple model that you can pack up and set up in moments. 

Every Purist Can Appreciate the Qaroma

If untarnished flavor is your top priority, go with a pure quartz housing to protect the delicate profile of every decadent puff. Available in standard 20mm and the massive 30mm XL models, the Qaroma’s pure glass airpath provides all of the thermally-extracted goodness and none of the unwanted taste. Like all of our best DIY kits, the ultra-secure housing screws directly over the aroma pearls, preventing accidental spills and optimizing heat transfer with every drag.

As customizable as the housings, bowl attachments, and digital heat adjustment, our Denver, Colorado smoke shop carries a range of heater-coil handles and porcelain stand styles to suit your aesthetic preferences. If you need help or have questions about our DIY kits, we’re happy to assist in any way that we can. 

In addition to all of your dry-herb vaping needs, we can help you optimize every other setup you have in mind. Looking for a multi-chambered glass piece? Our innovative collection is always evolving. Searching for a better dab rib and affordable accessories? We carry a huge selection of dab tool kits, ready-to-use rigs, and everything else you need to get more out of your wax extracts. 
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